What Makes an Allergen Free Bakery

My goal when opening “For Goodness Bakes” was to offer Barrie and Simcoe County freshly baked products free from the most frequently occurring food allergens.  I was successful in ensuring all products are free from dairy, egg, peanut, treenut, sesame seeds, mustard seed (and all other seeds) fish, shellfish, as well, our products are almost 100% suplhite free. This means our delicious cakes, cupcakes and cookies are free of nine of the top 11 allergens, as listed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

As a parent of a child with severe food allergies, I find it very concerning when a business makes misleading statements about what type of services it provides and uses the term “Allergen Free”to describe their birthday and wedding cakes when they are not. At For Goodness Bakes, our baked goods are made from scratch in a dedicated allergen free facility where no allergens are allowed on the premises.

When buying school-safe and allergen free baked products for your child for your next celebration, keep these tips in minds prior to doing so consider these questions:

1. Does the bakery have allergen containing substances on the premises?
2. Is your egg free or dairy free cake being made on shared equipment and/or next to a cake containing these allergesn?
3. What experience and knowledge does your baker have in regards to understanding cross contamination and food allergies?
4. Has the bakery completed background research to ensure ingredients brought into the bakery are being produced on dedicated production lines free from your child’s allergies?
5. Does the bakery do any type of quality control testing on site to ensure the equipments, work surfaces, ingredients and finished products are free from allergens?

These are all safety measures that “For Goodness Bakes” has taken in their bakery to ensure the safety of your child’s health is not jepordized in anyway.

Don’t be misled by bakeries claiming to make you an allergen free product, in almost all cases all of the allergens of concern are on the premises which does not make for a true allergen free product. At “For Goodness Bakes” you can rest assured our menu items are 100% free from all allergens we have claimed we are free from. They are not even allowed in the bakery.

Taste the difference.

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